At Obazee law we maintain competence and professionalism in our legal representation. We seek to ensure that people, particularly those who are most vulnerable in the society at large are able to have their voice heard. We provide personal attention to each case to provide guidance as you navigate through complex legal procedures. Compelling advocacy is our hallmark

Family Law

Situations may occur resulting in no possibility of reconciliations but there remain legal matters that must be addressed e.g divorce, support payments, custody of children, property division etc. We understand the sensitivity required in providing legal representation in this areas. Let us handle the legal matter while you maintain focus on your personal life.

Civil Litigation

In working with our clients, we maintain the required effort to understand their business circumstances and goals by continuously interacting with them and involving them in every step of the legal process.

Some of our business law competencies include, but not limited to:

Small Business incorporations
Sale and purchase of business
Small Claims
Statement of Claims and Defence
Due Diligence
Demand Letters

Dispute Resolution:

We understand the importance of negotiations. Sometimes commencing negotiations prior to litigation affords the benefit of resolving all issues without the additional stress, time and cost of preparing court documents. This is why negotiation is a key component of effective dispute resolution. Allow us to stand in your corner. We exercise proactive representation in using each negotiation sitting to understand the other side’s strength and weaknesses for the purpose of litigation.